Saturday, February 15, 2014

Gold Medal Olympians

With the Winter Olympics going on in Russia we wanted to join in on the fun!  
We watched a few prerecorded events on line.  We decided it is very 
dangerous to ski really fast down a hill around flags.  

We set up 10 "olympic events" around the room.  Events like sitting chair lifts, basketball, hopping, bouncing balls, hopscotch and jumping jacks.  After each "event" the children got a red heart to put on their gold medal!  

After a lot of fun, laughing and moving around we had 17 Gold Medialists!  

Valentine's Day Celebration

Snow tried to get in the way of our Valentine's day celebration!  We decided to open our Valentines on February 13th incase it was a snow day on February 14th.  

Valentine's Day is my favorite holidays to celebrate with Kindergarten.  They are so excited about their valentines and so thankful and appreciative of them!  Many children would open a valentine, read it and then go across the room to thank the friend who gave it to them!  Such sweetness!  

After enjoying our valentines we had lunch in the room and then yummy cupcakes as a treat!  We did have school on Valentine's Day, after a late start.  We did a candy heart math activity with our 5th grade buddies, then we enjoyed some special snacks and a Valentine's day movie to end our Valentine's Day celebration!  

100th Day of School Fun!!

Thursday, February 13th was our 100th day of school!  We had a great time traveling to activities in our room and 3 other Kindergarten rooms.  

Nelly and Jaeyln's paint dobber art!! 

Caden and Sara with Caden's mom with some 100th day coloring fun! 

William and Abram making 100th Day crowns

Brooke and Ms. Smart making 100th Day crowns

Brynn, Evan and Victoria

Abby's 100th Day crown

Quinn's dobber art!

Jaelyn, Sydney and Nelly making play-dough pieces for 100's collection

Evan and Eddie helping make 100 snowflakes

William, his mom and Abby help find the 100 hidden hearts around the room!  

Brynn, Caden and Victoria

Abram, Alex and Sara race to 100 on the 100's chart

Nolan and William build with 100 legos

Abby, Jaelyn, Nelly and friend! 

Sydney and Brynn coloring with Caden's mom

William making his 100 dot art project!  He was counting very carefully! 

Nolan and his dad racing to 100 on the 100's chart


William, Alex, Caden and Victoria having fun!

Eddie making a 100 drawing

Sara and Brynn

Brooke and Abby making snowflakes 

100 hearts